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Ever found yourself in a situation where you’re locked out? Quite literally. When things like these happen, people immediately reach out to the authorities to figure out what to do. Here’s what we think you should be doing instead. Calling a locksmith!

Winnipeg Pure Locksmith Local & Mobile Locksmith 24 Hour Locksmith Winnipeg

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Winnipeg Pure Locksmith

Welcome to the website of the official 24-Hour Locksmith Winnipeg . On this site, you will see a small sample of the extensive services we can provide for our customers.

over 10 years of experience in the locksmith industry!

Our company was established in 2006 and from humble beginnings, has grown into one of the biggest, independent Mobile Locksmith In Winnipeg Canada.  

Contact Winnipeg Pure Locksmith now for a professional locksmith in Winnipeg services; we assure you of a pleasant experience.  

We provide locksmith services and are currently available in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Our locksmiths are specifically trained for every situation that our customers might get into which include (but are not limited) traditional deadbolts, doorknobs, high-tech burglar alarms, and digital access systems.

This site makes locksmith services easier for you, all your solutions are a single click away. We are available 24/7, we believe emergencies such as forgotten keys or needing a new lock can happen at any time which is why our main aim is to find you the nearest locksmith provided by us and get them to your location within minutes of your request!

Side note: None of our services will cost you an arm and leg!

About Winnipeg Locksmith

We at Locksmith Winnipeg make sure you’re never faced with disappointment. Our main aim is to provide quick services to all our customers. Being a locksmith, your job is entirely based on the quick services/availability of the right tools to fix an issue, which is exactly what we do.

The BEST part? Our services are not limited to just houses, our locksmiths specialize in all kinds of locks which includes new installments of safe, lockers, changing the keys to your bike, letting you back in your car or office in case of a forgotten key.

Our services, when we talk in technical terms, include:

1. Renewing Keys - (Copies on your current key)
2. Repairing Locks - (If they can be fixed, otherwise a new lock needs to be installed).
3. Re-keying , this is the process of making sure an old key does not fit the lock any more (Good for people who have moved into a new place).
4. Cutting Keys (Used for misplaced keys).

How to use our services?

To avail our locksmith services at any time, there are three easy steps to have a locksmith sent to your location right away.

Step 1: Enter your location in the box given.

Step 2: Specify the problem. (New key, broken lock, automotive, commercial or residential). This will help us send the right tools with our trained locksmiths.

Step 3: Voila! The locksmith will be with you as soon as possible.

                    Getting locked out is not that difficult when a locksmith is a single click away!


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Commercial Locksmith Service

Trained specifically for commercial locks. Commercial locksmiths know the in and out of locks used inside a house, which is why this is your go-to if you are ever locked out or need new locks.

Residential Services

Residential locksmiths offer most of the services that commercial locksmiths do – their work is just an added version of the commercial locksmiths. Residential locksmiths offer services needed by a big corporation or a business such as key-less entries inside a building and controlling access systems for an institution.

Automotive locksmiths

Automotive locksmiths specialize in any sort of vehicle security which means they deal with transponder keys, car remotes, and a misplaced car key.


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